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Whether you are looking to leave behind your legacy in a will or appoint a power of attorney, our solicitors at Morgan Hill Solicitors can protect both you and your loved ones’ futures.



One of, if not the most important document you can produce, the benefits of a well-written will cannot be overstated. Our wills, trusts and probate solicitors offer a comprehensive will writing service inclusive of inheritance tax and reliefs advice.


Death is a stressful and emotional period where the last thing you want to be thinking of is probate. Our wills, trusts and probate solicitors offer a complete managed probate service, allowing you to deal with your loss in private.

Power of Attorney

Lasting powers of attorney allow your loved ones to make decisions on your behalf when you are no longer able to. Our solicitors can advise how lasting powers of attorney can ensure your vulnerability is not exploited and your interests honoured.

Will amendments and Codicils

Amending your will risks invalidating the will if done incorrectly. Our solicitors can advise when a will amendment or codicil is appropriate and if necessary, make changes for you.

Estate planning

Inheritance tax is complicated and planning what happens to your estate is essential to ensure your wealth and possessions are passed on correctly and as efficiently as possible. Our solicitors can assist with maximising what your beneficiaries receive.


Make sure your beneficiaries use your estate as you intended. Our solicitors will advise on when trusts are necessary.

Trusts can evoke thoughts of the rich and famous leaving legacies for generations to come but in reality, they form an extremely common part of will writing.

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Our Wills & Probate Team

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Managing Director

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Director, RFL, HEad of Claims & recovery

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Director, Solicitor Head of Wills & Probate

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