Workplace disagreements can cause stress, lack of productivity, loss of income and damage to your reputation. But no matter how complex or challenging your employment dispute, our employment law solicitors can help. Don’t compromise on quality and let us advise you where it matters most. As a firm specialising in Employment Law, Settlement Agreements consist of a key area of our work.

You have rights, regardless of your industry or position within the company, or its size. If there are not being upheld and you are unable to work, there is a case to answer. Our employment solicitors have a proven track record of representing both employers and employees in disputes.

Breach of Contract

When the terms of an employment contract are breached, there can be severe consequences for employees and employers alike. Our employment law solicitors will always advise to follow any internal grievance processes and to get legal advice as soon as possible before taking further action.

Constructive Dismissal

When conditions deteriorate in the workplace, there may come a time when you have no option but to resign. If you are considering resigning, our employment solicitors can examine your matter and advise whether you have a case for constructive dismissal.


Your beliefs, age or sexual orientation, among other characteristics, should never be used to treat you differently from your colleagues. If you have been a victim of discrimination, our employment solicitors will defend you and ensure you receive fair treatment.


The nature of business is cyclical and there may come a time when you are made redundant or need to make redundancies. Our employment solicitors will advise whether the terms of any redundancies are fair and what your rights are if made redundant.

Settlement Agreements

Employment tribunals incur great stress and cost for the employees and employers alike. Many employers will encourage employees to settle out of court through a settlement agreement. Our employment solicitors can hold negotiate review and agree your settlement agreement, termination agreement or COT3 agreement.

Unfair Dismissal

Being treated unfairly in comparison to your colleagues and being dismissed can be embarrassing, confusing and infuriating. Our employment solicitors can provide advice regarding the best procedure to follow if one is facing unfair dismissal and if necessary, negotiate a settlement agreement or represent you at the employment tribunal.

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