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Civil Litigation

Litigation is the process of settling a dispute that does not involve criminal activities, Litigators represent persons, large and small companies and other entities. Litigation is a complex area and can be challenging to resolve. Once it becomes clear a dispute cannot easily be dealt with, it is vital to get expert legal advice at the earliest opportunity. This ensures that you do not become compromised or agree to terms that you later regret. Our litigation solicitors can provide expert assistance and advice that helps with all of this. We strive to provide competent legal services and representation for you. Litigators often obtain cases from beginning to final verdict at a bench or jury trial. While litigation is one of the high-paying legal practice areas, it is sought after most by legal professionals due to the infatuation for the work that keeps many litigators working in the litigation arena. In recent years, litigation has become even more complex with the blurring of global borders. With international law and cross-boundary disputes, it is essential to have legal advice you can trust. With bilingual experts on the team, cross border communication is not a challenge and we can ensure that you understand how your case is progressing.

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Our Litigation Team

Rao Manzoor-ul-Haque Khan

Managing Director

Principal Solicitor

Afzaal Ahmad Choudhry

Director, RFL, HEad of Claims & recovery

Usman Khan

Director, Solicitor Head of Wills & Probate

Kamran Ashraf

Director, Solicitor Head of Business Immigration

Md Tariq Bin Aziz

Solicitor Advocate Head of Immigration & Asylum