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Family Law is an umbrella term for the area that deals with family matters and domestic relationships. The most common experience of family law most people will be divorce and the relevant child custody and financial statement arrangements that go with it. However, family law is much broader than just divorce and includes a wide range of legal matters.

Divorce or separation

If you are considering a divorce, dissolving a civil partnership or have chosen to separate from a long-term partner you cohabit with, our family law solicitors can help you. We will listen to your needs during an initial consultation and provide you with a solicitor with the most suitable expertise to support and guide your circumstances. 


We understand that matters requiring family law intervention can be emotional and frustrating, particularly when children are involved. We can help resolve the situation to help you achieve the results you want. We strongly advocate a collaborative approach wherever possible, avoiding unnecessary court costs, to get an outcome that is acceptable to all parties. However, should your case need to go to court, our solicitors with a wealth of experience are available to help you in securing a successful result.


We have worked with clients nationally and internationally, with a variety of needs and circumstances and you will have this collective experience helping you through this delicate process.

Children, Child Arrangements and Custody

Our children are our most valued achievements. Considering child arrangements or custody disputes can be a worrying process to go through. At Morgan Hill Solicitors, we aim to support and guide you through the process. Helping to ease the burden of stress and worry by keeping you informed, providing quality legal advice and working to support you to achieve the best outcome possible for each personal situation. 

Any parent or guardian will be the first to say their children are their most precious ‘assets’. The welfare of our children is of paramount importance and in court proceedings, the necessity for welfare considerations is no different. 

Complicated divorce proceedings take their toll on everyone involved, particularly our children. Most courts tend to be more obliging to situations where a mutual resolution can and has been made to protect their well-being. Therefore, we would advise that court proceedings are seen as a very last resort should an amicable resolution be impossible. 

We can become the links to wider support facilities to ensure that everyone in your family is receiving the care and guidance they may need. We will inform you of any potential disputes and timeline, guiding you at every turn to ensure you receive the best outcome for you and your children. 

Considering arrangements for child custody can be an upsetting and highly emotive step in divorce proceedings. It is in the best interests of the children if you and your ex-partner can amicably create an agreement however if this isn’t a viable option, our family law team is here for you. We can act as mediators between parties, or simply provide you with advice on what steps would be most beneficial for you and your children. Our specialist team has extensive knowledge and experience with child contact cases and regardless of how problematic a situation may seem to be, we will always find a solution for you. The goal is to achieve the best outcome for you and your children and to help you begin the next chapter of your new life.

Family Financial Settlements

If you wish to protect your wealth or wish to ensure your family’s financial future is secured, our experienced family law solicitors and in-house accountancy team have the experience and expertise available to resolve family financial settlements. 


We have worked with high profile celebrities as well as landowners and high net-worth individuals, all enquiries and cases are handled with the strictest of confidence and discretion. 

Financial ties are perhaps one of the most stressful to unpick and settle within divorce proceedings.  Trying to handle and resolve years of mutual finances and financial decisions within a short time can be frustrating and exhausting. 


Financial settlements or divorce proceedings encompass everything from pensions to the family home, taking assets owned before the union of marriage into consideration too; so obtaining professional legal advice is useful if you’re looking to protect your assets and those of your dependents once a divorce is finalised. 


Our team of family law solicitors are experienced with dealing with complicated financial matters, including pensions, estates and property.


If you’re considering financial settlement or require further information about the options available to you, our financial settlement experts are here to support you, making a complex process simple and as stress-free as possible. 

Children Issues and Social Services

We have represented children, grandparents and parents as well as other family members in cases involving Social Services. From adoption to allegations of sexual abuse and domestic violence; we act on behalf of our clients to deliver a sensitive, highly informative approach that safeguards the needs of the individual, whilst working in accordance with the Law Society Children Panel. Our team is dedicated to empowering people, equipping them with the knowledge and support they require when handling sensitive and upsetting family matters. 


If you have a sensitive family matter that requires legal advice, please contact our team who will handle your information sensitively and discreetly. 

Cohabitation and Living Together

Despite the many changes society has made towards the law with cohabiting couples, there is still a long way to go to achieve the same rights as couples who are married or in a civil partnership. We firmly believe that it is therefore essential for every couple, regardless of their marital status to consider the financial implications should a relationship break down. Our team of specialists can advise you whether you are about to move in with your partner or if a relationship breakdown has already arisen.

For more information on your rights, call us for a free, no-obligation consultation. 

Non-confrontational Resolution of Family Disputes

Our team of family law solicitors are dedicated to minimising the conflict and stress involved with matters such as divorce, child contact arrangements and family disputes. Whether you are planning to avoid potential future conflict with cohabitation or marriage or seeking help with divorce or child custody arrangements, we can help. 

Our experienced solicitors will provide you with options for your circumstances and support you in reaching the best outcome for you, regardless of your situation. 

Not every family dispute needs to end up in court and more often than not, a resolution can be made quite amicably by enlisting the help from other channels to encourage dialogue between ex-partners. At Morgan Hill Solicitors, we actively encourage clients to attempt mediation or a collaborative law approach before residing with a divorce hearing, particularly with matters of child contact and financial distribution. Waiting for hearings can be distressing, time-consuming and costly, so we always recommend that family disputes be managed in a non-confrontational manner where possible. 


For more information on alternative resolution methods, contact our team who will provide you with all options available to you and your circumstances. 

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