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Fee Calculation and Quote Request

To determine the cost of our conveyancing services for buying or selling residential property, please refer to the full breakdown below. Generally, no extra expenses beyond those detailed will be necessary.

For each new conveyancing inquiry, we will communicate with you to understand the specifics of your situation and transaction. Subsequently, we will generate and send you a tailored quote fitting your circumstances.

For a personalized quote, please reach us at +44 203 5000 699 or Alternatively, contact a
member of our property team directly. Alternatively, click the button below for an approximate personalised quote:

Breakdown of Charges

Our charges encompass the following components:

  1. Our legal fees for the required work.
  2. ‘Disbursements’ which pertain to expenses linked to your case, like Land Registry fees. We
    manage these payments on your behalf for a smoother process.
  3. Stamp Duty Land Tax (applicable for property purchases).

Please note that any mention of VAT pertains to the prevailing rate of 20%.

Fee Structure

The fees we charge are contingent on the property’s value, whether it’s freehold or leasehold. Our fees include all necessary costs, eliminating the risk of unforeseen additions like bank transfer or ID checking fees on your bill later. Our fees are generally on a fixed fee basis, in that the fees for each aspect of a transaction have a defined amount. Complex matters may be billable on an hourly basis should the

The fees listed are our average fee ranges for a purchase transaction. The fee (including additional fees and disbursements) may vary depending on the source of the instruction, your solicitor’s experience and location, the property price and what work we are required to do. Conveyancing matters are either dealt with by a qualified lawyer or by a paralegal under direct supervision by a qualified lawyer. Peter Benjamin is our Head of Conveyancing and is a qualified solicitor with almost 20 years experience.

t persons, large and small companies and other entities. Litigation is a complex area and can be challenging to resolve. Once it becomes clear a dispute cannot easily be dealt with, it is vital to get expert legal advice at the earliest opportunity. This ensures that you do not become compromised or agree to terms that you later regret. Our litigation solicitors can provide expert assistance and advice that helps with all of this. We strive to provide competent legal services and representation for you. Litigators often obtain cases from beginning to final verdict at a bench or jury trial. While litigation is one of the high-paying legal practice areas, it is sought after most by legal professionals due to the infatuation for the work that keeps many litigators working in the litigation arena. In recent years, litigation has become even more complex with the blurring of global borders. With international law and cross-boundary disputes, it is essential to have legal advice you can trust. With bilingual experts on the team, cross border communication is not a challenge and we can ensure that you understand how your case is progressing.

Property Value Residential Purchase (exc VAT) Residential Sale (exc VAT) Commercial Purchase (exc VAT) Commercial Purchase (exc VAT)
Up to £100,000
£100,001 – £250,000
£250,001 – £500,000
£500,000.01 – £999,999
Please call for a quote
Please call for a quote
Please call for a quote
Please call for a quote

Additional Expertise

Should your transaction require additional expertise, a fixed fee will be quoted for the specific legal work, as outlined below:

£549 (+20% VAT of £109.80)
Help to Buy
£100 – £500 (+20% VAT of £20 – £100)
Help To Buy ISA
£50 (+20% VAT of £10)
Telegraphic Transfer
£50 + VAT (+20% VAT £10) per transfer
SDLT Admin
£50 – £125 (+20% VAT of £10 – £25)
Acting For Lender
£100 – £500 (+20% VAT of £20 – £100)
Islamic Mortgage
£500 + VAT
Administering Gifted Deposit – from a third party
£100 – £300 (+20% VAT of £20 – £60)
Administration for Applying Unilateral Notice
£50 (+20% VAT of £10)
Update to External Portals
£35 – £95 (+20% VAT of £7 – £19)
Limited Company Purchase
£250 (+20% VAT of £50)
ID/AML Checks
£49 + VAT per person
Pre-Completion Searches
£49.00 + VAT

If both buying and selling a property, charges will apply to both the sale and purchase. For remortgaging, fixed fees of £950.00 (freehold) or £1,200.00 (leasehold) are applicable. VAT at 20% is added to all our fees.


Disbursement payments vary based on whether you are buying, selling, or both. They depend on property type, location, and other factors.

For instance, buying a freehold property typically requires payments such as:

  • HM Land Registry fee starting from £135.00
  • Land Registry Priority Search at £3.00
  • Bankruptcy Search at £2.00 per client

Selling a property involves disbursements such as:

  • Land Registry Office Copy Entries and Title Plan at £3.00 per title number

Leasehold property disbursements differ and may include:

  • Notice of Transfer fee (between £150- £250)
  • Notice of Charge fee (if mortgaged) (between £150.00 – £200.00)
  • Deed of Covenant fee (between £150.00 – £300.00)
  • Certificate of Compliance fee (between £50.00 – £0.00)
  • Leasehold Management Pack fee (between £50 – £600.00)

Stamp Duty Land Tax

Property buyers are subject to Stamp Duty Land Tax, calculated based on the property price. You can determine your payment using HMRC’s website or the Welsh Revenue Authority’s site for properties in Wales.

Other Considerations

If you have a mortgage or estate agent’s fee, we settle these payments directly from the sale proceeds. Leasehold property buyers should anticipate ongoing ground rent and service charges. Other unforeseen costs may also arise.

Examples of Charges

 For a £500,000.00 freehold property sale, charges typically include:

  • Our Legal Fee: £1,440.00
  • VAT at 20%: £288
  • Total Legal Fee, inc VAT: £1,728.00

Different scenarios like selling and buying a £500,000.00 and £750,000.00 freehold property entail charges such as:


  • Our Legal Fee: £1,440.00
  • VAT at 20%: £288
  • Total Legal Fee, inc VAT: £1,728.00


  • Our Legal Fee: £1,560.00
  • Searches Fee: £549.00
  • VAT at 20%: £312
  • Total Legal Fee, inc VAT: £2,421


Disbursements include Land Registry Official Copies, Bankruptcy Search, and Land Registry Fee, among others.


Processing Time

The conveyancing process usually takes around two months for a transaction or one month for remortgages. Variations depend on individual circumstances and the cooperation of all parties involved.

However, the time an individual case takes to complete can vary greatly from this average, depending on the circumstances; largely the result of the readiness and willingness of all parties to proceed.

We will always do our best to be proactive and, at no stage in the process, become the reason for delay.

Factors Affecting Time

 Numerous factors influence conveyancing duration, including:

  • Form completion delays
  • Delays in third-party responses
  • Chain transaction hold-ups
  • Dependent legal proceedings (e.g., probate)
  • Unforeseen issues (tenant demands, regulatory approvals)


Key Stages

For purchases, stages encompass:

  • Title investigation and property searches
  • Agreements and mortgage deed
  • Completion and fund transfer
  • Tax returns and HMRC payment (as well as Stamp Duty)
  • Land Registry registration

For property sales, key stages involve:

  • Liaising with estate agents and requesting the memorandum of sale
  • Obtaining sale details
  • Preparing and issuing a draft contract to buyer’s solicitor
  • Requesting a redemption statement
  • Addressing buyer’s inquiries
  • Retrieving lender statements
  • Regular updates and billing
  • Completion statement and funds transfer

If we are simply helping you to re-mortgage your property, then we would generally speaking only need to:

  • Provide initial legal advice
  • Order property searches where necessary
  • Obtain further planning documentation if required
  • Go through conditions of mortgage offer with you
  • Send final documents to you for signature
  • Apply for mortgage advance and redeem any previous mortgages
  • Apply for registration at Land Registry

Who Manages Your Case?

Your case will be managed by a trusted member of our skilled property team, including qualified lawyers and specialized paralegals. Our partners supervise every case, ensuring high-quality service

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