Driving Offences

Driving Offences

We can help you from the moment you are charged or summonsed for a motoring offence. Getting expert legal advice and insight should be your top priority, and our team has guided lots of people like you through the process and resolved the matter successfully.

What is classified as Driving Offences

There are a wide variety of acts that can be classified as a motoring offence, and our team has dealt with them all. We have successfully helped people avoid fines, disqualifications and harsher punishments, so you can be certain you have the right team in place. From fighting tickets to overturning drunk driving charges or proving that you weren’t to blame for an accident, we can use our expertise and experience to give you the best chance of success. Being charged or summonsed can be a stressful and disruptive experience, especially when you face the prospect of losing your license or a heavy fine. We can’t make the process entirely stress-free, but we will help take the complexity out of it.

Areas of Driving Offences we practice

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Our Team

Our Driving Offences Team

Rao Manzoor-ul-Haque Khan

Managing Director

Principal Solicitor

Afzaal Ahmad Choudhry

Director, RFL, HEad of Claims & recovery

Kamran Ashraf

Director, Solicitor Head of Business Immigration

Md Tariq Bin Aziz

Solicitor Advocate Head of Immigration & Asylum