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Morgan Hill Solicitors offers services for personal injury matters on No Win No Fee basis, aiming to provide clients with legal assistance for compensation for the injuries sustained during road traffic, workplace, and public place accidents. Here’s a breakdown of their offering:


  1. No Win No Fee: Clients will not be charged any fees if the personal injury compensation claim is unsuccessful. However, if the case is successful, clients will be charged up to 25% of the recovered damages limited to £25,000.00. This percentage may vary depending on the circumstances of the case.
  2. Hourly Rate: If clients wish to transfer an existing file to Morgan Hill Solicitors, they will be charged for a pretransfer assessment on an hourly rate ranging from £138 to £398 per hour plus VAT, depending on the experience of the solicitor reviewing the case.
  3. Cooperation Requirement: It’s important for clients to fully cooperate with their solicitors throughout the process. Failure to do so may result the termination of agreement and may lead to charging of our fees.
  4. Disclaimer: Morgan Hill Solicitors emphasizes that the information provided on their website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Additionally, communication through the website does not establish a lawyer-client relationship, and confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.

Overall, Morgan Hill Solicitors presents a transparent approach to personal injury matters, offering a No Win No Fee and clearly outlining the fees associated with existing files.

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Managing Director

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Director, RFL, HEad of Claims & recovery

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