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When does an English Language Test not expire?

English language certificate issued by IELTS, or Trinity College London expires in 2 years. However, if the certificate has been used for immigration purposes in a successful application previously, then it does not expire.


An applicant used his valid B1 English language certificate for his initial application as a spouse of a British citizen or settled person where the requirement was only A1 (the level of B1 is higher than A1 and A2). The application was approved. Although this certificate expires in 2 years because of its use in a successful application, it will not expire and may be used at the time of extension of leave (where the requirement is A2) and at the time of applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) and thereafter application for Naturalisation as a British citizen where the requirement is B1.

As carrying out remedial works can be costly and time consuming, buyers and sellers are often advised to negotiate an appropriate allowance in the purchase price so these works can be carried out after the completion has taken place.

An applicant used a valid B1 Certificate first time in his application for Naturalisation as a British citizen, but the application was refused for some reasons, and he was asked to make application after 3 years because of some overstayed period involved in it. The applicant made a fresh application after 3 years, as advised and used the same English language test already used 3 years ago. The application couldn’t be successful as a valid language Certificate was not provided. Although the Certificate was sent previously but it would only have been used if the application had been successful.

Rao Manzoor-ul-Haque Khan

15 June 2021