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Self Sponsoring Visa

With the closing of both the Tier 1 Investor and Overseas Representative visas in early 2022, and Entrepreneur visas earlier, there remain very limited routes into the United Kingdom via business immigration that may eventually lead to Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). The most recent viable options are UK Expansion Worker and Self Sponsoring visas. Here, I discuss the Self Sponsoring Visa option.

The salient features of the UK Self Sponsorship route are as follows:

  • Suited for ones who want to establish, manage, lead, and maintain a UK business.
  • Suited for seasoned businesspersons who have researched the UK market and seen a chance to launch a new company or acquire an existing business in the UK.
  • To come and work in the UK for their own business and to be their own bosses.
  • No need to run after and/or fear of losing visas because of some non-cooperative sponsors in the UK.
  • A path which leads to permanent UK residency and British citizenship for the applicant and his family.

In this route, the applicants:

  • Should possess some knowledge, skills, and qualification in the relevant business.
  • Have any business idea or have found an existing company in the UK.
  • Must possess an adequate financial resource to run their desired business.
  • Possesses only a basic knowledge of English language.

MORGAN HILL SOLICITORS provide its dedicated services to:

  • Guide through the whole process of the route to attain the necessary steps and to advise on business plans, company sponsorship applications, authorising officer, to prepare and submit skilled worker application and to provide a complete hand-holding support for the UK immigration process.
  • Evaluate the company’s sponsorship needs.
  • Check the applicant’s previous business performance, expertise and/or experience.
  • Recommend mandatory and supporting documents based on the nature of the business/company.
  • Assist the applicant’s company to respond to the UKVI questions adequately.
  • Provide guidance on sponsorship related ancillary and incidental matters.

Rao Manzoor-ul-Haque Khan

27 March 2023